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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

This project's goal is to create a "basic" and "complete" cookbook with all the basic necessary recipes for "Western" cooking (because that is my expertise) as well as some basic ethnic recipes as well. In the beginning stages, one at least one recipe for every basic dish, sauce, beverage, desert, main dishes (vegetarian and meat), pasta, etc...  Later, as more recipes get added some will be added, others will be merged with existing recipes, or "options" will be added to existing recipes. Ideas for the future include: having the recipes print to 4"x6" index cards and pictures of the food attached to every recipe. There are several sources of free recipes which we can grab from, after my personal sources are exhausted.

Quality is the essence of this recipe book, however, not quantity. The motivation for this cookbook is three-fold:
<li>There are a lot of crappy recipes out there which simply don't work (ie. try the muffin recipes in the famous Better Homes & Gardens cookbook and you'll know what I mean).
<i>I will solve this by only using recipes that work, as determined by testing from real people.</i>
<li>Other excellent sources, such as the cookbook on wikibooks (part of wikipedia), and also many books, have too many recipes. For example, why do some books have several different spaghetti sauce recipes (in the same book), each with mutually exclusive spices and other ingredients?
<i>I will solve this by only allowing one recipe for every major thing you would ever want to make. Recipes which vary highly from the basic recipe can become a variant of their own, but otherwise, I will focus on a base+options model, stating clearly what ingredients form the basis for any spaghetti recipe (for example) and what ingredients are optional.</i>
<li>Many recipe books have recipes which are too complicated.
<i>To solve this problem, recipes which are less complicated but which achieve the same or close to the same result will be favoured.</i>

Registration Date: Sat 11 Sep 2004 09:11:01 AM UTC
License: GNU Free Documentation License
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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