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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

The program allows the management from console and script of the configuration file with none group, single group, multiple group and X server configuration file.

2007-10-13  GesConf-0.3.8

  • update a newer Autotools and gcc version

2006-02-26  GesConf-0.3.7

  • completes reorganization of the code.

  - adding the library for the management of the string, of the
    options of the command line, of the file of configuration, at
    one program has been a lot simplified.
  - is possible to compile the library and GesConf using the gcc,
    gcc32, g++, g++32 .

  • small fix.

2005-08-28 GesConf-0.3.6

  • fix wrong creating group in other group with X configuraton file.
  • update all license text.

2005-08-26 GesConf-0.3.5

  • several fix and improvements for use with X configuraton file.

2005-08-19 GesConf-0.3.4

  • added setup of delimitator for input from file.

2005-08-16 GesConf-0.3.3

  • fix problem with very large value (work good with value of 2000 chars)
  • fix wrong creating group in other group

2005-08-11 GesConf-0.3.2

  • added simple and fast use a single value of multiple key
  • added delete group and key (compatible with any immediate get/list option)
  • added simple and friendly example of basic and power use of gesconf
  • rewrite more internal operation:

2005-03-27 GesConf-0.3.0

  • added sample for direct create and set variable of the script
  • added full manages group/key/value (get, set, del).
  • simply select single or multi key with variable parameters
  • simply use multi key with all options manages multi key
  • rewrite several internal operation:

  - more simple and safe internal operation
  - hardening from external very bad value

  • Change library for the support at command line options:

  - added variable parameters of the options
  - hardening from incorrect use

  • hardening the library for manages string
  • update for last automake, autoconf, gettext, gcc.

Library for the options of the command line support:
--- manages multiple option (ex. -vf)
--- manages large option (ex. --set-all)
--- manages option joined with parameter (ex. -s=home)
--- manages variable parameters of the option
--- the procedure of processings of the options can be personalized and be modified to run-Time

Registration Date: Mon 02 Dec 2002 06:27:42 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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