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System Name: posix90
Name: The Fortran 90 Posix interface project
Group Type: non-GNU software and documentation

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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

This project intends to provide a good, clean and consistent interface to posix routines from within gnu fortran 90. At present, it covers directories and files, Environment, errno error codes, file characteristics , C-Style IO, sockets, process management, signal handling and regular expressions. Not all of these are complete, though. Once completed, gnu fortran programs can use most features of Posix from within Fortran, with all its type checks and error prevention mechanisms.

Registration Date: Sun 21 May 2006 07:54:26 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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New module f90_unix_net
     posted by klra, Thu 22 Jun 2006 03:11:30 PM UTC - 0 replies

A new module for writing simple client/server applications. Provides socket(), bind(), listen(), accept(), send(), recv() and a few other routines and constants. This is on CVS only. Docu is in the making.

New release 0.4
     posted by klra, Sat 17 Jun 2006 10:11:10 PM UTC - 0 replies

The current state of things is now released as posix90-0.4.tgz. This includes the docu for signal handling.

CVS now contains working sigaction() et al
     posted by klra, Fri 16 Jun 2006 09:36:50 PM UTC - 0 replies

signal support is now working. Docu is in the making

Major updates
     posted by klra, Mon 05 Jun 2006 06:23:45 PM UTC - 0 replies
  • new module f90_unix_time
  • new fread/fwrite, fseek/ftell/rewind and feof in f90_unix_io
  • only on CVS

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