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This book introduces software freedom: why and how such freedom is

Many contemporary laws and habits weaken us, even though they attract
strong support.  Their perceived benefits are short term.  Their long
term effects bring danger.

The consequences are startling.  For long term survival, we must
change ongoing practices and ways of thinking within our societies.

Over the past half century, technology has advanced.  We can now copy
and distribute large programs easily and cheaply.  We could not do
this in the past.  This change in technology changes our society.  For
safety, quality, and opportunity, we need software freedom, the
freedom to copy, study, modify, redistribute, and use software.

With freedom, more people will be able to discover, develop, and apply
advances.  We will survive and prosper; those who fall back will lose.
Similarly, with freedom, more people will have the motivation and
resources to make software reliable, efficient, and secure.  We will
enjoy high quality software.  And finally, with freedom, more people
will learn to understand, change, and make use of this new world that
technology has brought.  We all will gain opportunity.

Currently we need volunteers to help "debug" the manuscript.  Please visit the project's home page for more information.

Registration Date: Fri 13 Sep 2002 12:05:55 PM UTC
License: Other license - This is a work of opinion, not a manual or help document. It uses a verbatim license.
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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