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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

Databank is a GTK2 data storage tool, which allows to save informations, in a dictionnary style.
I provide a library for helping storing and manipulating datas in berkeley db. It implements functions such as init_db, add_data, src_data for adding, finding, deleting ... datas stored in a berkeley DB.
I egally provide a command line client for quickly manage datas.
Now, I'm on the first beta version, but it works great and is usefull for me.
This is my first C/GTK2 application, and it's for educationnal purpose.

Registration Date: Sun 07 Nov 2004 07:34:01 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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Retour au travail / go back to work
     posted by spointm, Tue 26 Apr 2005 10:52:31 PM UTC - 0 replies

After few months of inactivity, here am I.
Some bugs are missing, and many enhancements are needed, but I'm in a good way.
next release soon !

Apres quelques mois d'inactivité, je me remet au travail.
Il restait quelques bugs a corriger et améliorations d'usage à apporter. C'est en bonne de finition, et je pense difuser prochainement une release.

first beta version
     posted by spointm, Wed 29 Dec 2004 07:26:46 PM UTC - 0 replies

the first beta version is ready for download (v 0.5b)
bins for linux, windows and naturally sources are aviable

La premeière version de test est sortie (v 0.5b)
les binaires pour linux, windows et evidemment les sources sont disponibles en téléchargement

     posted by spointm, Tue 28 Dec 2004 07:38:48 PM UTC - 0 replies

Je viens de créer le site du projet, avec une copie d'écran
I've create a (little) homepage for my project, with a screen shot

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