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8sync 8sync (pronounced "eight-sync") is an asynchronous programming library for GNU Guile. It makes use of delimited continuations to avoid a mess of callbacks and result in clean, easy to read non-blocking code. Official GNU software
9box 9box aims to develop an application which can "pack" windows inside itself. This will allow to use applications as if they were in tabs. This behaviour is similar in spirit with konsole, but 9box will allow to pack windows from different applications. non-GNU software and documentation
is a frontend for XML publishing with CGI. It's a single cgi script written in perl that produces HTML from a XML file by a XSLT transformation. It's now being rewritting in C/C++. non-GNU software and documentation
<WebXML/> is a set of documentation and script for building static websites from XML files with XSL. non-GNU software and documentation
A anagram game for SDL The aim is to find as many words as possible in the time available. Get the longest word and you'll advance to the next level. Network game available. This game is a rewrite of Anagramarama 0.1 from Colm Gallagher ( non-GNU software and documentation
A Better Extension Language non-GNU software and documentation
A Brief History of Computing: The GNU Story A collaborative effort to write a short history of the development of the GNU operating system, starting with it's pre-pre-history in hardware and the Multics operating system, wading through Unix history, and ending with a talk about future developments. non-GNU software and documentation
A concise, robust, and extensible syntax highlighting library for the web non-GNU software and documentation
A Gnome UI for Portage We are developing a Gnome app for the Portage packaging system. For more information about portage, see non-GNU software and documentation
A HTML multi language authoring helper non-GNU software and documentation
A Kernel Configuration System non-GNU software and documentation
A minimal stack for UDP and/or TCP transactions non-GNU software and documentation
A More Perfect Union A More Perfect Union (AMPU), is a project to create a functional cross-breed of both representational/direct democracy. Long-term goals are very ambitious. See the Homepage for more. non-GNU software and documentation
A portable pthreads for glibc This project is dead. non-GNU software and documentation
A porting tool for making Cygwin net releases Cygbuild is something like Debian dh_make(1) .deb or rpm(1) .rpm maker utility. It automates package maintenenance so that with few commands, it is possible to convert a software package into a installable Cygwin source and binary packages non-GNU software and documentation
A radio-phonepatch for the Asterisk PBX Asterisk-phonepatch allows radio users to connect to an Asterisk PBX server. non-GNU software and documentation
A self-referential HOWTO on release engineering this project is hosted at you can clone the repo with and read the paper at non-GNU software and documentation
A stack based console calculator. This is a small and useful calculator for the console. You can define constants (and functions), and it stores all on exit. It does floating point calculations by default. More information follows the next days... :-) non-GNU software and documentation
A SyncML client for the BBDB. An elisp package which extends the BBDB database to behave as a SyncML client. Thus, you can synchronize your BBDB with any SyncML compliant server or server-acting device. non-GNU software and documentation
A.D.S.Y.C. Administracion de Servicios y Clientes es un sistema generico consturido en base a las necesidades de proveer soporte para el manejo de clientes de un concepto de celulas de empresas. non-GNU software and documentation
Abandoned non-GNU software and documentation
Abandoned Land This is just an experiment of students who want to figure out, what OpenGL could do. Maybe a game would be the result. non-GNU software and documentation
abcsh - a shell for processing ABC Music Notation abcsh is a command line shell for processing ABC music notation files. Official GNU software
Abdabi, the GNU Service Discovery System Abdabi = A Business Directory, All Businesses, Internationally An RDF-based web of information for discovery of business services of all kinds. The Abdabi GNU package will contain software which is useful for interacting with this web of information Official GNU software
ABE, A bioassay analysis program written in Python ABE is a small, fast and convenient program for visualizing and modeling experimental bioassay data. The data can be modeled using either polynomials or a more specific four-parameter model based upon the standard, sigmoidal dose-response curve. non-GNU software and documentation

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