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20th anniversary of the GNU Project Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the GNU Project. Organize various events all over the world from 27th of September 2003 (when the initial announcement went out) until 5th of January 2004 (when RMS quit his MIT job and actually started working on GNU) portions
Brave GNU World This was project for Georg's Brave GNU World, the monthly GNU forum in seven languages. It has been discontinued. portions
Chapters Management Management of portions
Collected Essays and Speeches by RMS This project is to collect the essays and speeches of Saint IGNUcius, Richard M. Stallman. portions
Education (This group is obsolete; email for issues.) Advocating Free Software and Free Manuals in educational fields. (See for the definition of free software.) Our activity is aimed at teachers, stud portions
Emacs Muse Emacs Muse is an authoring and publishing environment for Emacs. It simplifies the process of writing documents and publishing them to various output formats. portions
Former home page of Georg Greve The "GNU's Who" home page of Georg C. F. Greve (/people/greve/) [now essentially dead after the home page had to be moved off] portions
Free Software Directory The Free Software Directory is a collection of stable free software that has been fully checked for licensing and technical prerequisites. portions
Free Software Foundation Europe Not used any more, we have moved to our own SVN Server. portions
Free Software Free Society portuguese This is the official translation project of the Free Software Free Society book. portions
Free Software History portions
Free Software Jobs Software and HTML pages of the section. Uses Maintainer instructions in the latest version of README. portions
FSFC - FCLL portions
GDB portions
GNU and FSF audio and video List of people authorized to rsync portions
GNU Business Network The GNU Business Network - a network of Free Software based companies to strengthen the bonds between them, the GNU Project and the users. portions
GNU C Tutorial Book 1 This project has been cancelled due to unresolvable problems with the manuscript. We will start another book from scratch later. 2003-04-22 Lisa M. Goldstein, Managing Editor, GNU Press portions
GNU Education portions
GNU Hackers Meetings Organisation for GNU Hackers Meetings portions
GNU Help Wanted Projects and ideas that the GNU Project needs volunteers to work on. portions
GNU information service in Japanese portions
GNU Search "GNU Search" helps volunteers who want to maintain the htdig installation to work together for the search facility of portions
GNU Security Escalation Contact Contact point for escalation of security issues in GNU software. portions
GNU TeXmacs documentation portions
GNU Usenet portions

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