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Project Description Type
Norwegian (bokmål) Translation Project *INACTIVE* Translation of the website to Norwegian (bokmål). translation teams
Përkthimi në Shqip i sajtit Përkthimi në Shqip i translation teams
Romanian translations pages *INACTIVE* This project was setup to help manage the Romanian translations of the site pages using CVS. translation teams
Serbian Translation Project The main purpose of the Serbian Translation Project is the translation of the web site to Serbian. translation teams
Slovak Translation Team *INACTIVE* Hlavným cieľom tohoto projektu je vytvorenie a následná údržba slovenských prekladov webových stránok a translation teams
TarGNUm - GNU Hebrew translation team *INACTIVE* TarGNUm is the home for the GNU site hebrew translation team. translation teams
Tetum Translation Project Tetun (aka Tetan Tetum) is the common language of the people of Timor Leste (East Timor). The Tetun Project aspires to develop and refine Tetun Interfaces and guidelines for Linux and other Free Liscenced Open Source Computing Environments. translation teams
Thai Translation Team for the gnu's web *INACTIVE* Translate gnu's web into Thai translation teams
Traditional Chinese WWW (zh_TW) Traditional Chinese translators of the website of the GNU project. translation teams
Translation of into Italian Translation of into Italian translation teams
Wergerandina Gnu Jî Boy Kurdi *INACTIVE* The main purpose of the Kurdish Translation Project is the translation of the web site to Kurdish. translation teams
Windows 7 Sins Translations translation teams
www-tr translation teams Tagalog Translation Team *INACTIVE* translation teams

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