Savannah frontend setup

This page describes the configuration needed for Savannah current frontend web server and PHP code. The server is called frontend2 (

Further reading about Savannah server:

Further reading about Savannah web frontend:

General information

Savannah web frontend (i.e. is written in PHP. It uses a MySQL database running on internal0.

The code repository is called 'savane', available at

The production machine runs the head of the 'frontend' branch, see Releasing Savane.

For details on how Savane is installed, see Savane setup.

Apache/PHP configuration file location

init.php accepts a fall-back variable SV_LOCAL_INC_PREFIX, which is referenced in sites-available/ SetEnv SV_LOCAL_INC_PREFIX /etc/savane/nongnu-conf.

For as opposed to, init.php uses the configured default.

"Site-specific" files

Several sections of the displayed HTML on the Savannah website are taken from files in frontend/site-specific/.

Savannah license list is also stored in one of those files.

Mail messages

Savannah PHP code runs under apache as www-data user. Mail messages sent to www-data (cron and email errors) are now aliased to root (