Releasing Savane

Releases for the Translation Project

We do release tarballs in the download area of the administration group. These releases serve as references for the Translation Project where our UI is localized. Nonetheless, we do make efforts to ensure that the tarballs look like real releases and e.g. can successfully pass distcheck.

In the same area, we may also release auxiliary files like dumps of sample Savane database.

Working branches

Our Savane repository has three permanent branches:

The "stable" branch: it doesn't accept non-fast-forward commits, it is used as the base for all other branches.
The branch where the development is done. The commits are amended in this branch until they are absorbed in the master branch.
The branch the frontend runs.

Corresponding source code for specific machines

The requirement of the AGPL to offer the corresponding source code is triggered in these cases:

  • The PHP code of Savannah Web UI. Savane links to the respective commit at our Cgit instance (the "Corresponding source code" link at the bottom of the page). Keeping the frontend branch at the specific commit makes sure that it is accessible and git gc doesn't remove it.
  • The sv_membersh script for SSH access, namely, VCS servers and the download server. The source code of Savane is provided from the same machine through RSYNC, which is one of the protocols offered for downloading the hosted data.

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