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Defrag 1.3.1
     posted by imre, Sat 25 Aug 2007 06:17:15 AM UTC - 0 replies

Defrag 1.3.1 is a minor update that allows you to abort quick try and complete quick try methods with the F3 key.

New defrag 1.3
     posted by imre, Sun 19 Aug 2007 03:07:22 PM UTC - 0 replies

Well if you are still here, you have been waiting for a very very long time ;-)

A new version is out defrag version 1.3.

7 years in the making defrag now features 8 defragmentation methods.

Two new methods are now implemented especially for better FAT32 functionality: ...

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defrag troubles
     posted by imre, Sat 21 Jun 2003 07:42:54 AM UTC - 0 replies

OK, there seems to be a bug in the write back cache in defrag. Therefor for larger media defrag doesn't work correctly. So for the moment you are encouraged to work with a different defragmenter.

I am working on a bug fix so please be patient and wait for the next version.

Beta 0.31
     posted by imre, Mon 03 Feb 2003 06:23:00 PM UTC - 0 replies

It seems that beta 0.3 has some very nasty bugs. This release should fix them.

Defrag beta 0.3
     posted by imre, Wed 29 Jan 2003 06:31:55 PM UTC - 0 replies

After almost three years in alpha stage, defrag is in the beta stage. If features the familiar(?) interface of MSDOS defrag. It can sort directory entries according to name, extension, size and date&time.
It can defragment according to the following methods: full defragmentation, unfragment files, files first, directories first, directories together with files.
It does not have FAT32 support, sorry, but this will be worked on next.

Free defrag upload
     posted by imre, Sun 08 Sep 2002 07:36:37 AM UTC - 0 replies

After months of having the source in an unstable state, i finally have something that actually does something. Therefor i have now been able to load the sources into the CVS. The source is also available from the download area

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