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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #109710 reduce visual noise of 'Assigned To' in support,tasks,bugs,.. table output None None 2019-06-19
 #109703 package savane for debian None None 2019-06-11
 #109699 get rid of splitleft-splitright wrapping divs on of my/admin/ None None 2019-06-08
 #109698 wrong reverse dependency list Confirmed ineiev 2019-06-07
 #109694 replace SV_THEME cookie with db stored user preference In Progress ineiev 2019-06-06
 #109685 Mailman sender filters seem not to work sometimes None None 2019-05-16
 #109651 Git checking is slow - DNS timeout? None None 2019-03-04
 #109646 I cannot post messages to my project mailing lists from the administrator e-mail In Progress ineiev 2019-02-16
 #109635 I lost admin access to the eev mailing list None None 2019-01-24
 #109614 Add Contributing to Savannah to Projects Needing Help None None 2019-01-01
 #109595 Delete elisp-code project None None 2018-12-02
 #109583 "Test GPG key" reports error None None 2018-11-10
 #109567 Download area link for some packages uses insecure http protocol None None 2018-10-06
 #109559 show the search results in a better way None None 2018-09-06
 #109544 Intermittent 502 Bad Gateway from gitweb resource None None 2018-08-21
 #109523 Non-GNU Savannah ignores user's non-default color scheme settings None None 2018-07-09
 #109521 Cannot upload files to download area. In Progress rwp 2018-06-29
 #109504 Feature request: setting default query form Confirmed None 2018-05-10
 #109487 Lost password link redirects to home page (confusingly) None None 2018-04-03
 #109471 Is there any option to move to Allura? None None 2018-03-07
 #109451 Add search box to Savannah wiki None None 2018-01-21
 #109439 Commit notification hook mishandles non-ASCII author names None None 2018-01-08
 #109422 Temporary upload (/register/upload.php) can overwrite another user's file if filename is the same None None 2017-11-27
 #109413 request for enhancement - add [Preview] button for original message None ineiev 2017-11-12
 #109395 https for bbdb anonymous download area None None 2017-10-08
 #109372 "last change" date field in bugs table; configurable columns in bugs table None None 2017-08-21
 #109355 syntax highlighting for Markdown None None 2017-07-20
 #109343 ssh known_hosts conflicts svn and git None None 2017-06-26
 #109305 for nano, please order branches in cgit by age None None 2017-05-01
 #109288 Import trackers to the GetFEM project None None 2017-04-02
 #109278 loses bug report when not logged in and anti-spam number not filled None None 2017-03-19
 #109199 account (gnu bc) Need Info agn 2016-12-12
 #109194 aspell git repostitory is unlocked In Progress rwp 2016-12-04
 #109105 cvs loginfo missing curl update hook None rwp 2016-07-25
 #109040 I cannot access or manage my accounts In Progress rwp 2016-05-17
 #108857 not receiving website registration activation email In Progress agn 2015-07-27
 #108810 Some source codes is breaked by Python error Need Info agn 2015-04-29
 #108798 php warning on task submission None agn 2015-04-12
 #108758 Change email for aklis account None agn 2015-02-26
 #108748 Reassign mail filled with comments from other project In Progress agn 2015-02-16
 #108696 No confirmation email after requesting account None None 2014-12-06
 #108562 "Submit" appears in two places, hitting the wrong one loses your submission Confirmed rwp 2014-05-06
 #108192 What's wrong with the recipes? None None 2012-12-01
 #106581 doing something about stale jobs? None None 2008-12-13

        44 matching items - Items 1 to 44        

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