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YaNuCa moved to GitHub
     posted by dkoenig, Sat 10 Jan 2015 09:22:42 AM UTC

Hello everybody--

I have moved the YaNuCa source code to GitHub:

I'm not currently developing it, but I am happy to review and accept pull requests from people who want to continue the work.

Please feel free to fork the repository, and use GitHub's "Issues" to communicate proposals for improvements.


Source code moved to Launchpad
     posted by dkoenig, Sun 06 Jun 2010 07:44:58 PM UTC

YaNuCa does no longer use Savannah, but has moved to Launchpad:

YaNuCa 1.2 released
     posted by dkoenig, Fri 27 Feb 2009 10:20:19 PM UTC

YaNuCa 1.2 is out!

YaNuCa 1.2 Release Candidate
     posted by dkoenig, Fri 27 Feb 2009 06:35:39 PM UTC

A release candidate (RC2) of YaNuCa 1.2 is now available for download at:

The demo site has also been updated to this version:

This release candidate still lacks the translations of the user interface, but they will be available in the final release.

Early alpha of YaNuCa-1.2
     posted by dkoenig, Wed 11 Feb 2009 12:33:48 AM UTC

An early alpha-version of YaNuCa 1.2 can now be tested at:


- complete rewrite of the core library
- goal setting for lipid partition (e.g., in cases of extreme hyperlipidemia)
- tooltips for option fields (uses jQuery/clueTip)

NOTE: This is an alpha-version and still incomplete/untested, please do not use the results in patients unless you've thoroughly checked!

YaNuCa Wiki
     posted by dkoenig, Wed 05 Nov 2008 10:20:03 PM UTC

You can now find a Wiki page for detailed documentation on the YaNuCa project and the program itself at:

CVS enabled
     posted by dkoenig, Thu 23 Oct 2008 09:43:28 PM UTC

From Version 1.1, the YaNuCa project now uses the CVS repository at Savannah.

The download page at will be closed instead.

YaNuCa 1.2
     posted by dkoenig, Sat 05 Apr 2008 09:57:07 PM UTC

YaNuCa 1.2 is currently under development.

Modifications planned for version 1.2:

- yacore.js will be replaced by new functions library yalib.js
- yacalc.js will be replaced by new connector library yanuca.js
- all comments in JavaScript files will be in english [...]

English now default language of YaNuCa
     posted by dkoenig, Wed 12 Mar 2008 09:37:53 PM UTC

Starting with version 1.1, English is now the default language of YaNuCa.

Btw.: I'm still looking for people to review the existing translations of YaNuCa and/or add new translations (preferably native speakers). Please contact me on Savannah or!

YaNuCa now hosted at
     posted by dkoenig, Fri 07 Mar 2008 07:08:48 PM UTC

The YaNuCa nutrition calculation program has been relocated to (

Additionally, the program has be re-licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (Version 3), since this is quite a web application.

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