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pyFormex 3.3 has been released

Item posted by Benedict Verhegghe <bverheg> on Sat 01 Apr 2023 05:45:54 PM UTC.

pyFormex 3.3 comes with a whole bunch of improvements and new functionality:

- NEW PyConsole, combining the message board and console in one,
  gives access to full pyFormex machinery, keeps history of
  entered commands, allows autocompletion, colored output, easy
- GUI improvements:
  - gui.draw.frontview: easily selects screen setup with y or z
    axis upwards
  - gui.draw.TempPalette allows temporary switching to nondefault
  - linking scenes in multiple viewports (illustrated in FourView
  - Camera locking can be done separately for direction and
  - Camera.coordsys returns a CoordSys aligned along camera axes
- Image save allows saving a rectanglular area from the viewport
- NEW picking tool (operating with off-screen rendering) allows
  to pick only items in front of the rendering. The old picking
  tool (only seeing disconnected points) is also retained, but
  the new one is made the default.
  Picking functionality has been greatly improved and simplified
  and allow for easy continuous picking modes.
- New Pick and Query button menus in the toolbar allow faster
- New LABELing functionality in classes Label, Labels
  and functions lablePoints, labelPoints2D allow to interactively
  add/edit/remove labels to existing points or newly created
  points on a surface or a plane. These new tools even replace
  the query 2D functions.
- mergedSurface creates a single merged surface from all current
- Tools menu has been completely revised and provides interactive
  configuring of the labeling/querying tools.
- new interpolation curves and curve fitting functions,
  - cubicInterpolate: local interpolation strategy of degree 3.
  - quadraticInterpolate: local interpolation strategy of degree
  - cubicSpline: traditional cubic spline with end tangents
  - globalInterpolationCurve: global interpolation strategy with
    or without tangents at all points or ends
  - lsqCurve fits an approximate curve to data points
  - optLsqCurve: fits an approximate curve to data points with
    required accuracy
  - NurbsCurve: can be called as a function and returns the
    point(s) at the provided parameter(s); projectPoint also
    returns the distance to the foot point; new projectPoints,
    distancePoints (convenience to project multiple points)
- Coords: new spiral transform to create spirals and helices, new
  dimensions method to get overall shape of the point cloud
- Mesh, Formex: report methods now work similar
- grid1 creates a regular 1D grid of points
- new quadraticEquation function returns both
  roots and type
- configurable defaults for precision in float array outputs
- pyformex command line: allow some Python interpreter options to
  be passed
- importing the lazy module is deprecated. The new module
  is recommended to import everything.
- removed dependency on Python distutils
- AND a really long list of bug fixes and minor improvements

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