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pyFormex 3.5 has been released

Item posted by Benedict Verhegghe <bverheg> on Fri 09 Feb 2024 03:41:30 PM UTC.

Version 3.5 of pyFormex is available from the download area:

Here's a list of the most important additions, improvements and bug fixes in this release:
- pyformex command line has option --workdir to set the current working
  directory at startup
  - Color class replaces most of the functions
  - color lightness computes the perceived brightness of a color
  - colorArray class for large sets of colors
  - normalized color names, from three sources: pyformex, x11, xkcd(new)
- camera: restore the truck, pan, tilt functions, add new rotcam method.
  Now all operations on real camera movements are (again) available.
  The digital replacements are also kept.
- Dialog: add an option to suppress smart placement/sizing
- pyconsole: now supports searching in history
- warnings: clean up existing messages, make clear distinction between
  three warnig functions: utils.warn, pf.warning, pf.error
- scripts/apps: menus with a huge number of entries are automatically
  split over multiple submenus
- timer module is renamed to timing, with classes Timing and Timings
- new gui.timer module has a Timer class based on QTimer
- new application FileDedup: find duplicate files in the file system
- interactive picking now allows picking from single or multiple actors
- implement multiple wire modes: none, all, feature, border
- improved or new examples: ColorPick, CameraMoves, Lightness, ColorRGBA,
  Pickable, FontForge
- pf.debug and pf.verbose functions are deprecated
- add desktop integration on install
- a lot of bug fixes, of which these are prominent:
  - arraytools: fix the import of the accelerated nodalsum function
  - TriSurface.featureEdges now includes the border edges
  - the draw2d plugin now works
  - drawing with 4-component color works again
  - pass all keyword parameters from FileDialog to Dialog
  - some opengl bugs and some printing with f-strings
  - wire mode button now works correctly and provides more modes

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