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ParaGUI 1.0.4 has been set free.

Item posted by Antony Shaleynikov <shaleynikov> on Mon 21 Jul 2003 04:30:25 PM UTC.

Here's a rough changelog:

- fixed a stupid PG_Window bug (buttons not shown correctly)
- made std:: the default workspace -> removed all std:: prefixes
- fixed a bug in showing "hidden" child widgets
- fixed a clipping bug in PG_ColumnItem
- Win32 (VC++) build fixes for physfs
- GNU build fixes (test dir), "make distcheck" passes now
- PG_Widget::SetSizeByText changes (Thanks H.C. <>)
- added PG_RadioButton::SetFontColor methods (Thanks H.C. <>)
- fixed PG_WidgetList::Remove(All) methods
  (Thanks Ivan Stankovic <>)
- new DevC++ workspaces (DevC++ >=
- fixed a bug in PG_MessageObject::PumpIntoEventQueue(..)
  MOUSEMOTIONEVENT don't need to be passed to ALL objects
- added a method to PG_Application to clear and delete the background
  (void DeleteBackground()) (Thanks H.C. <>)
- fixed a potential memory leak in PG_Application resulting from changing
  non-scaled backgrounds (Thanks H.C. <>)
- added a method to PG_RichEdit to set the default alignment (void
  SetAutoVerticalResize(...)) (Thanks H.C. <>)
- added a method to PG_RichEdit to activate / deactivate auto vertical
  resize (void SetAlignment(...)) (Thanks H.C. <>)
- SetIcon(const char* filename), SetIcon(SDL_Surface* icon) for
  PG_Window's title bar (H.C. <>)
- another wrapper function for PG_Widget::my_internaldata->quitmodal
  which allows one to set it to false (H.C. <>)
- removed unnecessary Redraw() call in PG_RadioButton::SetText(...)
  (H.C. <>)
- fixed a bug in the message-pump caused by objects be deleted and
  still having pending messages for it. (Thanks Michael Bartl)
- Added new fonts. Now using the open Bitstream Vera fonts.
- convert theme images automatically to screen format (may break things)
- added new PG_FileArchive::LoadSurface method with an option to
  specify the surface colorkey (Thanks Keith)
- added PG_Application::FlushEventQueue method
- merged patch from Steffen Blume <>
  Select[First,Next,Prev]Item for PG_DropDown
- fixed several bug in PG_WidgetList
  Thanks Alexander Opitz <>
- fixed the layoutloader (child widgets are now shown properly)
- fixed a bug in the PG_Application::GetWidget template
- fixed userdata handling in PG_Widget

Wow, all of that has been fixed in 1.0.4 :))
Thanks to all contributing guys out there.

Source tarballs are available at:


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