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CVS hosting now forbids uploaded scripts execution

Item posted by Vincent Caron <zerodeux> on Wed 24 Sep 2003 11:35:25 AM UTC.

For security reasons, the CVS repositories are now hosted on non-executable mounts. This means that if you uploaded various tools and scripts (most notably mail-on-commit ones), they won't work from now. However the Savannah team tried to offer some replacement solutions.

Syncmail users : the latest version from the main branch of Syncmail (revision 1.36 from has been installed. Please replace occurences of '$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/syncmail' with a simple 'syncmail' in your CVS control files.

Log_accum/commit_prep users : Savannah has some in-house-tweaked versions installed that should still fit your needs. Strip '$CVSROOT/CVSROOT/' parts from the script inovocations.

CIAbot users : until someone comes up with a patch (ie. no hardcoded project values), we can't fix that issue.

Other strange scripts : please contact <>.

Please note that the latest version of CVSreport ( has been installed and can replace the previous scripts with more versatility in many cases. Add a single line like the following in your CVSROOT/commitinfo to try it :

ALL    cvsreport -e 'mail text+html'

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience, and happy CVS hacking !

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