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Traverso is entering it's beta stage

Item posted by Remon Sijrier <r_sijrier> on Thu 27 Apr 2006 01:37:00 PM UTC.

Traverso development takes place at a steady pace, and numerous improvements (i.e. complete rewrites) have been made to the original code base, specially in respect to the audio processing, it has been moved to a lockless realtime thread which improves playback and capture a lot.
This functionality which is a core feature of a multitrack audio recorder is relatively mature and bug free at this point.

Editing is something that has been shaked up a lot, and has a number of bugs and or unwanted behaviour.
This is being worked on, and during this process most of the editing actions will be added to the un/redo or history engine of Traverso!

Lots to do, but great progress has been made!
Any help would of course be welcomed. Be it either from a usability point of view, bug tracking or code patches, translations etc...

The Traverso team.

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