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AKFAvatar version 0.15.0 is out at last!

Item posted by Andreas K. Förster <akf> on Sat 29 Mar 2008 08:47:05 AM UTC.

AKFAvatar version 0.15.0 is out at last!

AKFAvatar is software where an image of an avatar appears on the screen and tells things written in a balloon. The former releases were more concerned to programmers, while the normal user still could use it as a fancy text-viewer.

In this new version the program avatarsay can be used as a frontend for text-console programs; not only for line-oriented programs, as I planned before, but for any text-console program. So you don't have to write programs, that especially use functions from the library anymore, you don't even have to recompile the programs, you can simply run existing text-console programs as they are with avatarsay. The program runs in the balloon, so to say. It is a full-blown terminal-emulator now. Well, of course this environment doesn't look similarly well for all programs, but they all run.

This [using avatarsay as frontend] has been successfully tested on GNU+Linux and FreeBSD. But it does not work on Windows and probably never will. [The other features are still supported under Windows.]

The program avatarsay also has it's own menu now, so the script gnome-akfavatar is not really needed anymore. But it is still there, since some might prefer it. The options -s and --saypipe are no longer supported in avatarsay. There are some bugfixes, especially in the Pascal binding. There is a new static addon-library with functions for the language C (like avt_printf or avt_scanf). When viewing manpages emphasized text is shown either in bold or underlined.

This release is still an alpha release. I know that there is still room for improvements. I'm working on it...

What else could be mentioned? Well... I also programmed at the days of Easter. So maybe there is a little hidden egg still left. ;-)

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