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GSL Shell 2.0 beta1 released

Item posted by Francesco Abbate <francesco> on Sun 30 Oct 2011 02:05:40 PM UTC.

This new release of GSL Shell is a major change both in term of features and implementation.

First the functions are now organized into different modules for a greater clarity of the code. Then the semantic of the arithmentic operations with numbers and matrix is now much more user-friendly. The multiplication operator ‘*’ does perform now the matrix multiplication and you can mix freely complex and real number or matrices.

Under the hood there even more important changes since GSL Shell is now based on LuaJIT2. This latter is an highly optimized implementation of the Lua programming language. LuaJIT2 is able to generate on the fly optimized machine code so that many programs can run at the speed of native code. In addition, with the FFI module, you can call directly C functions opening the way to an incredible set of new applications.

The modules about numerical integration, ODE integration and non-linear fit have been reimplemented in Lua using direct FFI call to C functions. The result is a greatly improved execution performance on par with optimized code.

Check the demos available in GSL Shell. You may check the ‘wave’ demo that simulate a quantum spinless particle in a step potential. Thanks to LuaJIT2 the demo run in realtime at an amazing speed.

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