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Stage0 Release 0.0.8 is now available

Item posted by Jeremiah Orians <oriansj> on Sun 18 Jun 2017 02:57:18 AM UTC.

Thanks to the great help of reepca and others, I hereby dub this release Revenge of the FORTH.
As this release is largely FORTH improvements.
Added DP! to stage2 forth
Added EXECUTE to stage2 forth
Added ABORT to stage2 forth
Added string print and address to output of High level prototype disassembler
Added initial prototype library for forth developers who want better ANS support
Stack offset bug in stage2 forth was found and fixed by reepca in record time
Fixed 2DUP and ?DUP in stage2 forth
Swapped TRUE and FALSE values in stage2 forth to match
Adjusted order of comparisions to better match ans
Stack leak in stage2 forth found and corrected
Stage2 forth no longer attempts to parse carriage returns
Stage2 forth now will display and error and clear the stacks in the event of an undefined input
Stage2 forth now respects the HIDDEN Flag
Stage2 forth now no longer clears during CMOVE to better comply with the spec

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