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Quilt 0.66 released

Item posted by Jean Delvare <khali> on Fri 29 Mar 2019 02:27:46 PM UTC.

User-visible changes since 0.65 are as follows:

- Add support for lzip archives and patches
- Document QUILT_PC as user-settable
- configure: Don't require md5sum
- Test suite: Allow keeping the working directory on failure
- Test suite: Fix regex for recent versions of perl
- Test suite: Fix /bin/sh filtering
- Test suite: Run tests again if test.quiltrc changes
- Test suite: Handle alternative QUILT_PATCHES values
- Test suite: Increase code path coverage
- Test suite: Be verbose on directory error
- Test suite: Clean up when interrupted
- Test suite: Prevent test cases from escaping
- fold: Fix German translation
- diff: Add missing quotes in basename call
- header: Fix corruption when trailing newline is missing
- mail: Fix patch set threading
- mail: Fix French translation
- mail: Remove Content-Disposition headers
- mail: Complain when a patch doesn't exist
- new: Fix corruption when trailing newline is missing
- refresh: Add missing quotes in basename call
- setup: Add basic support for p7zip (.7z) archives
- setup: Align --fast on --slow for series files
- quilt.el: Define quilt-edit-top-only before it's used
- quilt.el: Stop using deprecated toggle-read-only
- quilt.el: Don't strip directory in quilt-top-patch
- quilt.el: Fix emacs compatibility issue
- quilt.el: Read QUILT_PC from config file
- quiltrc: Support all patch formats by default
- guards: Mention it in quilt manual page
- compat/getopt: Handle a second separator
- compat/getopt: Allow non-digit parameter embedded in short option

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this version.

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