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Title Category Date Opened Project Type
Backend programmer [C or C++]Developer2016-09-27M <MetaHTML>Official GNU software
Linux Kernel Build AdministratorUnix Admin2016-09-18GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
texi2dvi test suiteDeveloper2016-09-11texinfo - GNU documentation systemOfficial GNU software
Need help producing videos and web pages with screenshotsGraphic/Other Designer2016-07-27GNU HyperboleOfficial GNU software
Hindi translatorTranslator2015-11-30GNU Web Translation CoordinationOfficial GNU software
Certified Energy ManagerOther2015-09-23GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
Data Visualization DeveloperDeveloper2015-02-27GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
ANSI C DeveloperDeveloper2015-01-07GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
Nagios Server AdministratorUnix Admin2014-12-13GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
Development Server AdministratorUnix Admin2013-09-28GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
Web Service Administrator & DeveloperDeveloper2013-01-20GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
MySQL DeveloperDeveloper2013-01-20GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
PHP DeveloperDeveloper2013-01-20GNU remotecontrolOfficial GNU software
Native-Language SpeakersTester2011-09-09Free UCS Outline FontsOfficial GNU software
Doc Writer for GNU HurdDoc Writer2011-04-20The GNU HurdOfficial GNU software
Developer for GNU HurdDeveloper2011-04-20The GNU HurdOfficial GNU software
MediaWiki to Texinfo conversionDeveloper2011-02-10texinfo - GNU documentation systemOfficial GNU software
Translators for any language wantedTranslator2010-05-14GNU gvOfficial GNU software
enhancements wanted for findutilsDeveloper2010-01-08GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Translators wanted for educational packageTranslator2009-09-23iGNUitOfficial GNU software
DDD debugger needs developersDeveloper2008-11-09DDDOfficial GNU software
Wget needs C developersDeveloper2008-04-10GNU WgetOfficial GNU software
Help Needed To Maintain Aspell's Many DictionariesSupport Manager2006-11-20GNU AspellOfficial GNU software
Improve Free docs for MySQLDoc Writer2006-10-21GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
New GNU inspired theme neededGraphic/Other Designer2006-10-17GNUjumpOfficial GNU software
Doc Writer wanted for PhcDoc Writer2006-07-16ProxyknifeOfficial GNU software
High Priority ProjectsDeveloper2006-03-31GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
QA teamSupport Manager2004-10-31phpGroupWareOfficial GNU software
WebmasterDeveloper2004-09-05www.gnu.orgOfficial GNU software
co-maintainer for GRUB legacyProject Manager2004-03-19GNU GRUBOfficial GNU software
tex for the impatient translationsTranslator2003-09-23TeX for the ImpatientOfficial GNU software
Various language references wantedDoc Writer2003-07-29GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
A manual for writing Hurd servers. Doc Writer2003-07-29GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Scientific programs neededDeveloper2003-06-25GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Scheme translations wantedDeveloper2003-03-28GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Dance notation program wantedDeveloper2003-03-28GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
GNU make improvements wantedDeveloper2003-03-19GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
Shared memory Mach/X11 server wantedDeveloper2003-03-16GNU Help WantedOfficial GNU software
python/postgres developers wantedDeveloper2002-10-26gnumedOfficial GNU software
Documentation Writer/ManagerDoc Writer2002-09-28phpGroupWareOfficial GNU software
Documentation Writer/ManagerDoc Writer2002-09-28phpGroupWareOfficial GNU software
API Documentation for URL.el needed.Doc Writer2001-05-23URLOfficial GNU software
HTML/XML/CSS display engine guruDeveloper2001-04-16w3Official GNU software

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