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I mostly spend time creating, enhancing and fixing bugs in lower-level building blocks of user-level applications.
This includes (but is not limited to) code generators and analyzers, DSLs, simple compilers and transpilers, libraries.
I am also the "Tooling-and-Automation(TM) guy" when you want to have a tool crafted for a specific task; or a "Quick-and-Dirty-Shellscript guy", your one-stop goto place for day-to-day shell oneliners involving grep, sed, awk, xargs (with occasional spicing of dc) and unholy mess.

Being a language lawyer at my current company, I am also the guy you go to to ask "Hey, why does this code not work today?".

An all-around nice guy ;-)


Skill Level Experience
C Base Knowledge < 6 Months
C++ Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
Perl Base Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
git Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr
JavaScript Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr
Python Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr

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