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Very good knowledge of C/C++ programming, complete understanding of Python including underlying libraries.  Basic understanding of TCP/IP network programming, decent knowledge of Java.  Mostly a games programmer, using SDL and learning Crystal Space.  Decent artist.  Good knowledge of PHP.  Dislike Pascal but have good knowledge of the language.  CVS repository creation, MySQL database mantainer.  Working knowledge of HTML though I prefer PHP.  Good knowledge of a GNU/Linux system.


Skill Level Experience
Autoconf Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Automake Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Python Base Knowledge < 6 Months
Pascal Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
Java Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
The Gimp Good Knowledge < 6 Months
PHP Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
CVS Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
HTML Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr
GNU/Linux Master 6 Mo - 2 yr
C Expert 6 Mo - 2 yr
C++ Expert 6 Mo - 2 yr
MySQL Expert < 6 Months

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