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Ashish Mohta Deen  Dayal Nagar,Row house no.-11
Behind B.V.P college, Katraj,
Pune, Maharashtra.

Telephone:  011919823135145

E-mail: -email is unavailable-

Pursuing Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering (Final Year) Subjects:- Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Computer Organization, Micro-processor Based Systems, Data Structures & Files, UNIX operating system, Theory of computer science, Database Management Systems, Microprocessor Based System, Software Engineering, System Programming, Operating System, Complier Construction, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented Modeling Design.

Technical Skills
Platforms Unix, Linux (Red Hat, Cygwin, Dragon), MS-DOS,WINDOWS 98,2000.
Languages Unix, Linux System Programming, Networking  Programming, C and C++ ,Visual Basic 6.0,Oracle,Java,Cobol, Assembly (8085/8086/80386)
Educational  Performance:   Aggregate of 55% and First in class.


1. -      Di-NETR-iX
                                      Distributed Network Commands and Utilities of UNIX

. An open and distributed command-line interface for accessing many UNIX, NT, and Linux machines in parallel using UNIX like commands with network capability. The product offers distributed, cross-platform access to crucial systems across the enterprise using a familiar command-line interface. With this, Machines can access thousands of remote UNIX, NT and Linux servers. This changes the paradigm of physically logging onto machines, one machine at a time to manage. This significantly improves labor productivity and system availability.
1. Implementing UNIX like Commands and Utilities (as in UNIX manual 1 AT & T Bell Labs) with network capability for heterogeneous platforms.

2. Command sets implemented as Shared Library not executables.

3. Providing Common code base across all platforms

4. Shell –a distributed network shell is provided.

5. Remote execution.

6. Tunneling

Hardware Requirements :-
LAN Card (Ethernet Card) 10/100 Ethernet Card.
&#61692; HUB.
&#61692; General Computer Configuration.

Software Requirements :-
&#61692; LINUX
&#61607; Version                : RHL 9.0 or above
&#61607; Vendor    : Red Hat
&#61607; Usage    : Operating System
&#61607; Kernel Version    : 2.4 and above
&#61692; Windows
&#61607; Version                : 98
&#61607; Vendor    : Microsoft
&#61607; Usage    : Operating System
&#61607; Usage   : Programming Language

&#61692; GCC 
&#61607; Usage :Compilation
&#61607; Version :2.9 or above

&#61692; POSIX Thread Support

• In this project a generic interface has been provided that will
      Not vary with the operating system.

• Interactivity has been provided by a well programmed shell.

• Can be used on any  operating system which adhere to the single UNIX
            specification  (Version 2 and 3).

&#61607; Usage   : Programming Language
&#61692; GCC 
&#61607; Usage :Compilation
&#61607; Version :2.9 or above

&#61692; POSIX Thread Support
Specifications: C/C++, Linux & Windows Platforms.

2. VB & Oracle – Database handling using VB as front-handling  &  Oracle for back- hand  made no. of  projects which  are as follows :-
Music Database -   Managing enrolment & other requirements by a                                                 Music store.  


3. C & C++ -   Modular programs in “Data structures  “ ,“ File Handling”  
                        And projects for- Student Database.         

Summary of Qualifications:
1. Very strong hands on experience of programming in Assembly language (Intel x86 family), C and C++.
2. Working knowledge of  core internals of  Unix,Linux.
3. Module programming for Linux kernel.
4. System programming in C and AT & T / Bell-Labs style assembly language on i386.
5. System programming in C and INTEL style assembly language under MS-DOS on i386 (Real & Protected Mode).
6. System development using C and providing text based UIs.
7. Network programming on Linux.
8. Java Programming
Specific Areas of Expertise and Interests:
1. Threads: Implementation of single threaded and multi-threaded applications. Worked extensively with POSIX threads & Solaris threads.
2. Cross-Platform: Porting of application from one environment to another.
3. General System Programming:  Shells etc.
4. Network programming: Implementations of AF_UNIX & AF_INET families.
5.   System Programming: Kernel Programming.
Extra Curricular Activities: Appointed as Joint Secretary for Genesis 2004, All India Computer Tech fest organized in BVCOE , Pune by computer engineering students for increasing the managerial and team work development.


Skill Level Experience
C Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr

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