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I began working in the industry in 1985 and since 1996 have specialised in the design and implementation of Software Change and Configuration Management systems.

Change Management software I have worked with include: ClearCase, CM Synergy (ie: Continuus), Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, PVCS Dimensions, eChangeMan, CVS - Concurrent Versions System, CVSNT, CVS Suite, TeamSystem, Perforce, SVN, MVN and Git.

Through that experience I have found that very little of the value in Change Management (or source code control) is in the software - most of it comes from the processes that the orgnisation implements, and some from the knowledgebase that the software systems (yes that is plural) can develop and maintain.

Architectures that I have worked on include: Windows and MS-DOS, HPUX, Solaris, VMS and OpenVMS, OS/400, Tru64 Unix, Red Hat and SuSE Linux (Enterprise Editions).

I have mostly worked on implementing CM for software development projects using either Uniface or Oracle Forms, though most projects also include C/C++, Java, Documentation, HTML etc.  Through consulting with my customers I also have experience with implementing CM for Oracle Databases and SAS statistical software reports (similar to SPSS).

I am currently the Product Director for CVS Suite, CVSNT and UD6/Uniface Version Control at March Hare Software. My focus in that position is to ensure that these software tools that March Hare develop allow a range of different processes to be implemented and therefore maximise the opportunity for success of the customers.

I took a sabbatical from the industry from 1991 while I produced and assistant directed or directed theatre in the Sydney fringe including Desire, Pick Ups and Lost.  Since returning to the computer industry my hobbies include trying to finish a BA at Sydney Uni majoring in Performance Studies and Yiddish and getting my boat to float.

My home is in Sydney's Northern Beaches and I split my time at work between the Sydney, Dusseldorf, London and New York offices of March Hare.  I tend to prefer to set business meetings in the nearest cafe that serves a good espresso.  If you are trying to contact me it is best to do so through e-mail or the London office.


Skill Level Experience
git Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
Subversion Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr
Squid Good Knowledge 6 Mo - 2 yr
OpenSSL Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr
Software Licensing Good Knowledge 5 yr - 10 yr
C# Good Knowledge 2 yr - 5 yr
SQL Good Knowledge > 10 years
C++ Master > 10 years
TCP/IP Master 5 yr - 10 yr
WAN Master 5 yr - 10 yr
HTML Master Apprentice 5 yr - 10 yr
CVS Expert > 10 years
XML Expert > 10 years

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