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This group is not part of the GNU Project.

Aeskulap is basically a medical image viewer. It is able to load a series of special images stored in the DICOM format for review. Additionally Aeskulap is able to query and fetch DICOM images from archive nodes (also called PACS) over the network.

The goal of this project is to create a full open source replacement for commercially available DICOM viewers.

Aeskulap is based on gtkmm, glademm and gconfmm and designed to run under Linux. Ports of these packages are available for different platforms. It should be quite easy to port Aeskulap to any platform were these packages are available.

Registration Date: Sun 21 Aug 2005 07:22:25 PM UTC
License: Other license - The code is licenced under several licences (applied to different layers of abstraction): bottom layer: BSD middle layer: LGPL top layer: GPL
Development Status: 3 - Alpha


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Aekulap startet
     posted by braindead, Thu 25 Aug 2005 10:13:47 PM UTC

The Aeskulap project just startet.

We want to free the world from the chains of crappy and expensive DICOM image viewers.

Be ready we're coming up.

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