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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

KiWi is a simple Content Management System (CMS).

Unlike other CM systems, the focus of KiWi is on simplicity and ease of use: Everyone should be able to enter text using a mix of HTML (limited for security reasons), BBCode and Wiki-code. It is inspired by Contentor (, but the implementation will be perl-based and use PostgreSQL as a backend (although later any database supported by DBI should work).

Unlike most WiKi applications, KiWi will support a hierarchical organisation of content. KiWi will also hide links to non-existing pages to users that don't have the permissions to create the missing article.

Uploading of images and attachments (files) are also planned. KiWi will probably use ImageMagick (or a library with similar functionality) to create thumbnails automatically.

KiWi will use HTML::Tidy (or something similar) to produce valid XHTML from the data entered by users.

Of course, full HTTP/1.1 support (cache- and search-engine friendlyness) and support for "nice" URIs (see is planned.

KiWi will rely on the web server for user authentication, but ACLs to access control to individual functions are planned.

Registration Date: Sun 01 Jun 2003 06:10:13 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 2 - Pre-Alpha


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