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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

Penggy is a project that aims to provide connection to AOL.
Goals are to support IP tunneling and others proprietary part of the AOL protocol like mail, newsgroups, billing info, etc...

It is currently the unofficial continuation of the Peng project.
For more information go to

The code has been entirely rewriten from scratch in C.

We would like to provide a full featured and portable software, supporting old and new AOL protocol with all known connection methods (PSTN,ISDN,Cable,ADSL).

Help is very welcome.

AOL is a registered trademark of America Online, Inc.
Pengfork is not endorsed by or affiliated with AOL trademark.

Registration Date: Wed 14 Aug 2002 01:19:22 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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Penggy 0.2.0 is out
     posted by chupa, Mon 03 Feb 2003 12:58:41 PM UTC - 0 replies

This is a major bugfixes release. Fixes were made for the recent connection problem, an inactivity bug, compilation on some platform, and some segfaults. BSD support and a German translation were also added.

Penggy 0.1.0
     posted by chupa, Sun 08 Dec 2002 11:27:47 PM UTC - 0 replies

A discussion have been made on the peng bulletin board.
As a result pengfork will now be called penggy.
Futhermore the first stable release is now ready. It's available on the files section. Read the INSTALL file for instructions on how to compile, install and configure penggy.
Feel free to report your experience.

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