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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

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Italian homepage:

ZigzagProxy (zproxy) is a CLI bash script, with which
you can connect programs from bash using proxy
(transparent, anonymous or elite/highly-anonymous,
selected according to the type required by the user).

Zproxy extracts proxies from,
analyzes them and checks whether they work, selecting those
that allow a download speed higher than a default value

From README.txt:

1) Download the installation script from:

2) Give users the right to execute the script:
   chmod a+x

3) Start the automatic installation:

Usage (the order of the arguments is not important):

        [source |.] zproxy [options] [commands | programs]

[Source |.]:
You can activate/deactivate a proxy for all
programs/commands started from the same terminal:
'source' (abbreviated with a dot, must always be
inserted BEFORE the command) 'globalizes' the variable
'http_proxy', making it active for all commands/programs
started from the terminal after ZigzagProxy.

-h      --help                ZigzagProxy Manual

        --ip                  Current IP address

-u      --update              Update ZigzagProxy

-d      --disable             Disable the proxy

-t      --transparent         Select the type of automatic
-a      --anonymous           proxy to activate:
-e      --elite               Transparent, Anonymous, Elite

-p PROXY, -pPROXY             [-p|--proxy=] allows to activate
        --proxy=PROXY         a PROXY chosen by the user

-r      --reconnect           Forces the modem to be reconnected
                              (works only for some models)

Commands or programs:
The program or commands to be started with active proxy.
In the presence of arguments or, in any case, of spaces,
it is necessary to enclose the command between
quotes or single quotes.


- testing proxy activation:
    zproxy --ip
    zproxy -t "wget -qO-"

- activate proxy for Chromium (Transparent or Anonymous):
    zproxy -t -a chromium
    zproxy -ta chromium

- testing with Chromium:
    zproxy -t "chromium"

- activate a proxy Transparent, Anonymous or Elite for
  all commands, scripts and programs started from the
  same terminal, after zproxy:
    source zproxy -tae

- disable proxy and update zproxy:
    zproxy -du

- activate proxy "" for the terminal:
    . zproxy -p ""
    . zproxy -p""
    source zproxy --proxy=""

ZigzagProxy can also activate a proxy
for Chrome/Chromium and Firefox.

Copyright (C):
Gianluca Zoni <>, 2012

GNU/GPL v.3 or later:

Registration Date: Tue 28 Aug 2012 05:05:10 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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ZigzagProxy stable released
     posted by zoninoz, Wed 09 May 2018 07:02:37 PM UTC - 0 replies

ZigzagProxy (ZPROXY) RELEASED stable version 1.0.

- source code cleaner, structured, clear, stable, easy to maintain;
- bilingual interface and documentation: automatically, it should recognize the language used in the bash terminal, in Italian or in English for other languages (sorry: I do not know other languages); ...

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