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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #55504 Shadow files have 0000 permission backup fails None None 2019-01-17
 #52070 rdiff-backup fails on second run. None None 2017-09-20
 #46669 Misleading error message if ssh account is unavailable Postponed None 2015-12-11
 #46586 list-increment-sizes takes to long over the network Postponed None 2015-12-02
 #46424 return code not null when using "--compare-full" flag Postponed None 2015-11-12
 #46205 rdiff-backup fails with Invalid argument Postponed None 2015-10-14
 #43858 rdiff-backup-statistics: nB qualifier for --begin-time and --end-time fails Postponed None 2014-12-20
 #43706 Incorrect FSF Address Confirmed None 2014-11-26
 #42319 NFS not preserving ownership causes hardlinks to report "Update mirror temp file ... does not match" Ready For Test None 2014-05-08
 #39476 regression error on encfs destination with long filename Ready For Test None 2013-07-12
 #38325 --check-destination-dir memory required is not constant Postponed None 2013-02-14
 #34650 --prune-to-size instead of --remove-older-than Postponed None 2011-10-25
 #34126 CLI options inflexible Postponed None 2011-08-24
 #33930 rdiff-backup --help should display help Postponed None 2011-08-02
 #32597 rdiff-backup tries to read/list directories, no matter --exclude rules. Postponed None 2011-02-25
 #32179 Cannot restore to remote position None None 2011-01-19
 #31624 64bit + euid of 4294967294 == ouch None None 2010-11-12
 #30866 exclude globbing matching None None 2010-08-24
 #30822 Exclude directories with standardized name: CACHEDIR.TAG None None 2010-08-19
 #30819 Windows - Program stope if encountering a file with a wrong update date None None 2010-08-19
 #30663 umask of backup user will not be processed correctly None None 2010-08-05
 #30286 --exclude-other-filesystems wrongly excludes even mountpoint directory None None 2010-06-28
 #30055 preserve_atime option None None 2010-06-06
 #29808 --max-file-size does not combine with --include and --exclude None None 2010-05-06
 #29796 Windows ACLs don't save or restore the "inherit" flag. None None 2010-05-05
 #29776 Windows build lacks pywin32 modules. None None 2010-05-04
 #29702 feature request: "--unprivileged-user": flag when backing up None None 2010-04-28
 #29501 Crashes when encounters My Music, etc... in My Documents on Windows 7 None None 2010-04-09
 #27961 Fails on long filenames with encfs over sshfs None None 2009-11-06
 #27841 add more media filetypes to no_compression_regexp_string None None 2009-10-28
 #27795 Symlink to self on filesystem results in xattr related crash None None 2009-10-24
 #27729 Permission denied when renaming rdiff-backup.tmp file None None 2009-10-16
 #27327 Exception thrown if filename too long (on Windows) None None 2009-08-27
 #27250 Feature Request: rdiff-backup should have a locking mechanism None None 2009-08-14
 #27229 rdiff-backup should check for large file support in Python None None 2009-08-12
 #27145 make --remove-older-than usable on backup commands None None 2009-07-30
 #27121 rdiff-backup crashes if a file handle is unexpectedly closed None None 2009-07-27
 #27025 --list-increments doesn't work when --restrict-read-only is set on server None None 2009-07-14
 #26848 Restoring hardlinked files: "Hash for foo missing, cannot check" None None 2009-06-19
 #26796 Hardlinked files not backed up because of UpdateError/Updated mirror temp file does not match source None None 2009-06-13
 #26699 Windows file systems do not allow certain trailing characters in file or folder names None None 2009-05-27
 #26679 Backward compatibility None None 2009-05-26
 #26064 os.popen2 seems depricated in Python 2.6 Confirmed None 2009-04-01
 #25962 --remove-older-than should handle subdirectories Ready For Test None 2009-03-22
 #25944 Error if file is locked Confirmed None 2009-03-20
 #25041 Can't restore escaped folders Confirmed owsla 2008-12-08
 #24815 Escaping double colons in local files doesn't seem to work None None 2008-11-11
 #24571 --exclude option do not worked correctly in heterogeneous Windows to Linux backup None None 2008-10-15
 #23129 Feature request: Using a list generated by fslogger or inotify as source None None 2008-05-01
 #22202 Feature request: Compressed files on target directory None None 2008-02-01

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