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Item ID Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #32079 Order of buffers are displayed wrong when you launch Weechat with irc.look.notice_as_pv = always 2011-01-08
 #27915 Nicklist doesn't reset back to beginning when changing buffers. 2009-11-02
 #27712 When a python script autload failed the next scripts are not auto loaded 2009-10-15
 #27604 The very last charactor disappears when input with a long input line mixed with Chinese and English charactors Confirmed flashcode 2009-10-05
 #27443 smart filter is not working when connected to irssi proxy 2009-09-14
 #16357 Problem with key binding when another key with same prefix exists flashcode 2006-04-17
 #24927 Splitting messages in &bitlbee addresses part wrong 2008-11-25
 #30726 '/reconnect -all': Missing error msg when not connected 2010-08-10
 #31091 python plugin: import gtk throws error Need Info flashcode 2010-09-20
 #31283 filename completion breaks when path includes spaces. 2010-10-09
 #31932 hook_modifier(weechat_print) does not discard each message if you return empty string Confirmed flashcode 2010-12-19
 #32649 Relay plugin: Messages sent over the relay should (maybe) remain unmodified by scripts Postponed flashcode 2011-03-02
 #33836 'MODE #channel' answers displayed atfer parting #channel Postponed flashcode 2011-07-23
 #34246 Variable substitution in aliases commands 2011-09-07
 #34290 nick_ignore_chars should be respected when ordering nicks for completion 2011-09-14
 #34722 /wii nickname doesn't show away message if query/buffer/window open 2011-11-02
 #35079 large paste in input, makes weechat eat 100% cpu 2011-12-15
 #35320 sys.path is incorrect when running in a python virtualenv flashcode 2012-01-17
 #35443 Cyrillic characters are changed in config files, when starting weechat from linux terminal with LANG='' Need Info flashcode 2012-02-03
 #35844 jump misbehaviour with ctrl+r search 2012-03-14
 #36131 In some situations WeeChat jumps to first line of buffer when last line is reached 2012-04-08
 #36573 Respect weechat.look.save_config_on_exit 2012-06-01
 #37427 leading whitespaces stripped from script commands 2012-09-23
 #37544 /buffer <name fragment> should be case insensitive Need Info flashcode 2012-10-11
 #38073 Mouse input sometimes not recognised when using MinTTY terminal 2013-01-13
 #38191 perl encoding hell 2013-01-29
 #38193 No reset of bold in irc colored messages when terminal has 8 colors Confirmed flashcode 2013-01-29
 #38352 Tab completion for scripting languages pbos 2013-02-19
 #38818 /reconnect without arguments uses first address instead of current one 2013-04-24
 #39090 attempt to malloc() value close to 2^64 when scrolling with mouse Need Info flashcode 2013-05-28
 #39109 Private highlight on server messages while using ZNC 2013-05-28
 #39215 partial nick completion broken for nicks that include any of nick_ignore_chars 2013-06-09
 #39362 CMakeFiles modification to work with LuaJIT 2013-06-28
 #39452 Homebrew install links ruby.so against deprecated system version of ruby, causing SEGFAULT upon ruby plugins load 2013-07-09
 #39589 /layout apply <name> un-merges server buffers 2013-07-28
 #40118 Invalid breaking of East Asian characters 2013-09-26
 #40119 Weechat sends less characters than the maximum specified by the server 2013-09-26
 #40120 In merged buffers, backlogs appear where they should not as time runs backwards 2013-09-26
 #40281 Using /upgrade while DCC SEND/xfer transfers are pending never closes the listening ports. 2013-10-16
 #40650 WeeChat Requires rubylib.so Need Info flashcode 2013-11-20
 #40778 /script autoload script.pl doesn't autoload (or autocomplete) non-official scripts (i.e. scripts downloaded manually) 2013-12-02
 #41245 weechat fails to build if ncurses is build with the --with-termlib flag Fixed flashcode 2014-01-16
 #41416 Problems with color codes in nicks flashcode 2014-01-31
 #41444 Random crash In Progress flashcode 2014-02-03
 #41525 Runtime errors due to option CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH 2014-02-09
 #41580 /me sent to +#channel / @#channel shows up as regular /me 2014-02-13
 #41725 Do not start if not on a tty 2014-02-27
 #41735 When I close, I get an error, but everything works correctly Need Info flashcode 2014-02-28

        48 matching items - Items 1 to 48        

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