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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Should be Finished on
 #13112 Integrate functionality of buffer_autoset.py into WeeChat None None 2014-02-28
 #13098 Stop service user greetings/infolines from tripping channel activity Need Info flashcode 2014-04-15
 #13097 In-buffer PRIVMSG proposal None None -
 #13074 Allow unread marker to be set on buffer None None 2014-02-04
 #13069 [relay.irc] Add option to send timestamps on all messages. None None 2014-02-01
 #13059 /ping should work in context Need Info flashcode 2014-02-09
 #13052 improve the behavior of /buffer None None 2014-01-21
 #13039 Option to force the use of autojoin list after first connection None None 2014-01-14
 #13036 Allow variables in xfer.file.download_path None None 2014-01-13
 #13032 Completion of #channel for /join (and /part too ?) command firstly for the "active" server None None 2014-01-09
 #13021 option to move timestamps to right side None None 2014-03-02
 #13020 option to change gnutls priority None None 2014-01-30
 #13008 Allow user to join multi-line pastes to one line None None 2013-12-20
 #12966 Option to crop items in top/bottom lists to specific length None None 2013-12-02
 #12965 Disable highlights on query/private buffers None None 2013-12-02
 #12964 Command to set current buffer's read_marker as 'read'. None None 2013-12-02
 #12956 chat_quote_word None None 2013-11-28
 #12918 Allow selection on the new tree None None 2013-10-29
 #12914 Tab completion (nick vs channel) None None -
 #12908 /buffer notify commands are not eventful None None -
 #12898 Implement PSYC (Protocol for Synchronous Conferencing) support None None -
 #12890 Allow scripts to ignore highlights None None 2013-10-09
 #12877 color suffix with the nick color None None 2013-10-02
 #12876 Add the possibility to disable coloring of nick highlight Ready For Test nils_2 2013-10-02
 #12871 Add *.chat_prefix_message option [customization] None None 2013-09-30
 #12869 weechat.look.hotlit_sort option allowing jumping to the buffer with a *higher* number, etc None None 2013-09-30
 #12867 Take into account server limitations such as NICKLEN, TOPICLEN and other (numeric 005) None None 2013-09-27
 #12801 [Feature request] optimize completion of multiple nicks None None 2013-09-05
 #12800 weechat.color.chat_time_odd None None 2013-09-05
 #12797 Implement #buffer-by-name in all /buffer options None None 2013-09-03
 #12765 Add bar item to display amount of unread lines None None 2013-08-11
 #12763 More bar items for input [customization] None None 2013-08-10
 #12749 Capability to merge newly /joined channels into current buffer with -merged flag None None 2013-12-30
 #12731 Disable IRC colors per channel/nick None None 2013-07-08
 #12726 Add the Alert plugin to Weechat None None 2013-07-02
 #12687 inability to log specific buffers manually None None 2013-06-07
 #12628 Add a hotlist_min_level None None 2013-05-22
 #12627 Add option to fetch only new messages in relay/weechat protocol None None 2013-05-21
 #12618 Give each buffer name in merged buffers different color None None 2038-01-19
 #12613 Cycle among the saved layouts None None 2013-05-30
 #12589 Autocompletion like in weechat in relay client. i.e. TAB gets handled the same way as in weechat None None 2013-05-01
 #12584 irc.look.smart_filter_channel_size option None None 2013-04-22
 #12569 Weechat itself as a weechat protocol relay client None flashcode 2013-04-10
 #12550 [Feature request] Be able to complete nicks with non nick chars infront of the nick None None 2013-03-28
 #12535 Add ability to exclude tags from being logged None None 2013-03-17
 #12493 @ should be considered as non-word char in completion None None 2013-01-23
 #12492 [API] Insert lines at arbitrary locations. None None 2013-02-22
 #12483 Zoomed buffers get scrambled when moving between windows. None None 2013-02-12

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