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Announcing AVRDUDE Version 4.3.0

Item posted by Brian Dean <bdean> on Tue Jan 27 14:57:40 2004.

We are pleased to announce AVRDUDE Version 4.3.0. This release includes several significant enhancements including:

* STK500 optimization where empty blocks of flash are skipped during programming which can significantly improve write times especially for programs that use boot blocks.

* Dramatic PPI (parallel port interface) programmer speed improvements. In many cases, PPI programming is up to 3 times! faster than it was previously, and is now on par with the programming speed of the STK500, even slightly faster.

* The Atmel Butterfly module is now supported as its own programmer definition.

* New part definitions and fixes such as the addition of the ATmega64 and corrections to the AT90S8535.

Other improvements which will be less noticable were code reorganization and cleanup. However, these changes will help to make AVRDUDE easier to maintain and extend in the future.

For more information and downloads, please see the AVRDUDE project page here:

Thanks to all those who contributed by reporting bugs, submitting new part definitions, programmer definitions, and code improvements.


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