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Gnoppix 0.8.1b4 posted by amu, Tue 28 Sep 2004 09:07:56 PM UTC
GNOPPIX 0.6.0-RC2 posted by amu, Fri 26 Mar 2004 08:36:35 AM UTC
GNOPPIX 0.6.0-RC1 posted by amu, Mon 26 Jan 2004 03:40:44 PM UTC - 1 reply
GNOPPIX 0.6.0-beta4 posted by amu, Mon 26 Jan 2004 03:39:36 PM UTC
GNOPPIX 0.6.0-beta3 posted by amu, Mon 10 Nov 2003 06:55:03 PM UTC


Item posted by Andreas Mueller <amu> on Fri 26 Mar 2004 08:36:35 AM UTC.

The Gnoppix project proudly presents the next release candidate, in which the XFree86 desktop is replaced by XOrg from Changes: security updates; added 2.4.25 kernel; added kernel-sources to /usr/src/linux-2.4.25; fixed locate fails, -> updatedb; added XOrg from; removed XFree86 4.3.x; fixed xscreensaver; xkb extensions..."


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