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Announcing AVRDUDE Version 4.4.0

Item posted by Brian Dean <bdean> on Thu Jul 22 03:12:59 2004.

We are pleased to announce AVRDUDE Version 4.4.0. This release
includes several significant enhancements including:

* Native Win32 support: the need for Cygwin has been eliminated.

* More accurate delay timing on the Windows platform.

* Support for several new devices including ATmega48, ATmega88,
ATtiny2313, ATtiny13.

* STK500: ability to change the SCK frequency in order to program
devices with slow oscillators.

* Command-line switch to override the defaud baud rate for serial
programmers (STK500 and AVR910). Useful for boot-loaders and
other devices that emulate these protocols. Baud rate override
can also be specified in the config file (per-programmer).

* MacOS X now supported.

* Various other bug fixes and code cleanups.

For more information and downloads, please see the AVRDUDE project
page here:

Special thanks go to all those who contributed by reporting bugs,
submitting new part definitions, programmer definitions, and code


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