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rel 0.10 - many bug-fixes and new features

Item posted by Uwe Mayer <merkosh> on Sat 05 Feb 2005 02:42:43 PM UTC.

The following new features have been added:
- added confirmation dialog when a linked image is to be deleted from filesystem
- Moviefly configuration is saved on ext
- find dialog remembers all previous find settings
- no unmounting or ejecting if mount exited with non-zero return code
- added support for passing default file through the command line
- added reopen last file config option
- added recent 4 files to filemenu
- added menu actions for copy, deleting or saving picture

In this release there is no more "link picture" menu entry.

The following bugs have been removed:
- incremental search on no records was possible
- normal search in grouped mode did not work
- deleting picture from record was not entirely possible
- decoding embedded image raised exception when image was empty
- creating a new file caused file-meta-data to be initialised to "None"
- aborted with errors on certain search keywords

Also the signal connect- and disconnect handling has been modified to the greatest extend. I hope I didn't oversee something.

Have fun!

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