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Riece 1.0.7a released

Item posted by Daiki Ueno <ueno> on Sun 06 Feb 2005 04:58:07 AM UTC.

Riece 1.0.7a is now available from:

NOTE: DO NOT USE riece-1.0.7.tar.gz. It contains several bugs in it.

  • Major changes in 1.0.7
    • New add-on riece-toolbar. (ueno)

riece-toolbar displays icons on toolbar. Currently not all the
icons are included.

    • New add-on riece-keepalive. (ueno)

riece-keepalive spontaneously sends a PING message to server to
keep an IRC connection.

    • New add-on riece-google. (bg66)

riece-google searches on Google and sends the result to the channel.

    • New add-on riece-eval. (bg66)

riece-eval evaluates elisp expression and sends the result to the channel.

    • Some add-ons are enabled by default. (ueno)

riece-log, riece-alias, riece-ctlseq, and riece-keyword are now
enabled by default.

    • New command riece-command-suspend-resume. (ueno)

riece-command-suspend-resume saves or restores the current window

    • Preserve cursor position when clicking button widget. (ueno)
    • Decorate modeline indicator with faces. (ueno)
    • Count users in NAMES reply. (ueno)
    • New user option riece-part-message. (ueno)
    • Add-ons located in riece-addon-directory are automatically enabled. (ueno)
    • Default value of riece-buffer-dispose-function is now kill-buffer. (ueno)
    • Backtrace when encountered an error in process-filter. (ueno)
    • Ask channel key to user when it is required. (ueno)
    • Automatic buffer shrinking is now disabled by default. (ueno)
    • New directory structure for riece-log. (ueno)
    • Fixed a bug in user-renamed signal-filter. (kaoru)
    • Fixed a bug in riece-command-enable-addon and

riece-command-disable-addon. (yoichi)

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