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GPL update posted by mroth, Fri 29 Apr 2005 12:11:25 PM UTC - 1 reply
Birth... posted by mroth, Tue 19 Apr 2005 11:51:19 AM UTC - 0 replies
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Item posted by Mark Roth <mroth> on Tue 19 Apr 2005 11:51:19 AM UTC.

One day there was an idea, like an itch that won't go away.  Being that it wasn't terribly painful it grew to become more of an affirmation than irritation, something to poke at when you want to take your mind off something else.  One day not so far in the long-long-ago, It opened It's mouth and said, "GIM, I am GIM." :)

Well it turns out that the simple first words would build to a trickle, than to a flow.  It stands to reason that it can become a rush,  a torrent, a tide.  Will It?  I know not.  Could It?  Of that I have no doubt.  As more like minded folks wander in, take off their coats and roll up their sleeves a group is established. The GPL seal insures all is free to anyone.  Yet some will come and add to the SUM. The SUM will become SUM >(.5 * SUM + .5 * SUM) in some magical, community driven way and then GIM will for real exist, not just as some code living in someones computer.

And the growing begins...

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