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Bobot++ 2.1.8 Released

Item posted by Clinton Ebadi <unknown_lamer> on Wed 29 Jun 2005 08:27:05 PM UTC.

Bobot++ 2.1.8 has been released. This release is a fairly major release as it contains a number of feature enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights are: more consistent Scheme API, more Scheme documentation, and a better debugger for scripts.

Full NEWS entry:
- Scripting
+ Hooks
* Added bot:protection/[none|ban|kick|deop] and bot:aop/[yes|no]
constants to the Scheme scripting interface
* hooks/timer argument is now zero padded instead of space padded
(e.g. "11:01" instead of "11: 1")
* hooks/disconnect is now called when the bot is disconnected from the
server unintentionally (network connection timeout, server died,
* hooks/action is now passed the user's nick instead of the full
address like all other hooks
+ Message Sending
* Implemented bot:notice
* bot:msg and bot:say may both send to channels and users (instead
of bot:msg for users and bot:say for channels)
* Renamed bot:send-CTCP to bot:send-ctcp
* Added bot:send-ctcp-reply to send a ctcp-reply
+ Misc
* Added (bobotpp bot) module that modules may use to gain access
to the bobot++ functions
+ Debugging
* The debugging evaluator is now enabled when --debug is passed to
the bot
* New command line option: --debug-scripts enabled the debugging
evaluator while running everything else normally
* Merged error handling patch from Dale Smith. This adds detailed
errors and backtraces when --debug/--debug-scripts is passed to
- Documentation
+ Merged documentation patch from Dale Smith (thanks)
- Misc
+ NOTICEs and PRIVMSGs are now sent correctly if they contain an
embedded newline
+ Max nick length is now configurable via 'maxnicklength' option in
bot.conf (defaults to 9)
- The bot now builds with --disable-scripting again (this is my fault,
I haven't built without it in a long time)

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