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Reactive project approvals

Item posted by Sylvain Beucler <Beuc> on Sun 07 Aug 2005 09:52:31 PM UTC.

As you may have noticed, project submissions are now usually treated within a day or two, a reactiveness we rarely could reach in the past.

For this reason the team would like to thanks its two most recent members, Sebastian Wieseler and Jonathan Gonzalez V., for their hard and unceasing work. We often receive several requests per day, and making sure each project meets the Savannah standards is a time-consuming job. Their dedication is all the more important that it allows the other Savannah 'old-timer' Hackers to concentrate some more on actually improving the hosting platform :)

Last, if you intend to submit a new project and want to know how to make the approval process faster, be sure to have a look at the new documentation on the subject at

The notes on how to upload could be clearer (posted by Arjun Shankar, Fri 02 Sep 2005 04:58:50 PM UTC)

Thanks to Mr.Sebastian my project was approved real fast. But I think the documentation on how to upload files could be more clear. Im a bit new to GNU/Linux, though not that new to programming, and people like me would certainly appreciate if the upload process was made clearer.
Thanks again, and hope my inability is not too irritating, especially since everyone is doing such a good job.



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