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nmh 1.1 Release Candidate 4 uploaded

Item posted by Jon Steinhart <jon> on Mon 26 Sep 2005 08:42:08 PM UTC.

After yet another long while we have a new release candidate.  This is built from the current CVS.  Please give it a try and let me know about any issues.  I'd like to get an official 1.1 release out soon.

New mail handler for Cygwin (posted by Larry Bezeau, Mon 19 Dec 2005 04:54:20 PM UTC)

        Cygwin is not one of the named supported platforms for
NMH, but I have tried unsuccessfully to compile it on Cygwin.
I get the same result with version 1.0.4 and the new 1.1RC4. 
The configure step works fine but there are problems with the
make, conflicting definitions of some variable associated with
dates.  The Cygwin people at Red Hat claim that it is easy to
port Linux software to Cygwin, and I am wondering if any
thought has been given to doing this with NMH.  This would
allow NMH to be used on MS Windows machines, of which there
are a large number.

                                 Larry Bezeau



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