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Item posted by Sylvain Beucler <Beuc> on Wed 01 Mar 2006 07:42:44 AM UTC. is experiencing issues to due a database corruption.
Check the comments for more information.

Also, is being revamped. ETA is fall of March. The Savannah Hackers are not directly involved in that process. We'll post additional information here as available. The system will improve on delays and spamming.

2006-02-25: original post
2006-03-01: update and precisions

Messages lost? (posted by Eric NOULARD, Sun 19 Mar 2006 10:18:47 PM UTC)

I think we are facing message loss recently

Some messages which were directly sent to the list
and CC to some other people did reach the people
and not the list.

Tonight I did send 2 messages to the list
the second reached the list but the first did not
seem to go through?

May those trouble be related to the
recent ones?

Update (posted by Sylvain Beucler, Wed 01 Mar 2006 07:32:32 AM UTC)

Here are some informations about what is going on.

On 23 february, one of the database files for the tmda system on lists got corrupted. As a result, any attempts to deliver messages to tmda failed, and the mail server simply started queuing them. This queue started piling up pretty quickly; the mail server software handled it - until the mail log exceeded the limit of 2GB, from all of the retries to deliver all of the queued messages to tmda. And so the mail server simply quit delivering mail.

Jag moved the 2GB mail log out of the way and reinitialized the tmda database and is now figuring out what exactly to do with the 1.6 million messages in queue. First he'll prune them down for obvious spam -- paypal adverts and the like -- hopefully getting that down to about 900k before i start delivering again. Then there will be some delays again until the system return to normal operation.

Some additional temporary measures to be more aggressive about spam are likely to be setup this week, maybe greylisting (the inherent additional delay will not be really noticeable in this particular case).

In this light TMDA will not be a feature of the under-construction new mail system.

Feel free to add comments here, we'll try to sum them up.

what about pending emails? (posted by Claudio Fontana, Mon 27 Feb 2006 01:01:44 PM UTC)


I have many pending emails to projects' mailing lists,
which are very important to me.

Could the pending mails be delivered, please?





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