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Riece 3.0.0 released

Item posted by Daiki Ueno <ueno> on Mon 29 May 2006 03:24:57 AM UTC.

Riece 3.0.0 is now available from:

  • Major changes in 3.0.0

** Changed the meaning of riece-username.  If you set this option, you
   will need to set riece-realname instead. (ueno)

** Cause an error if a user requests to close already closed server. (yoichi)

** New add-on riece-epg.el, which enables secure conversation using
   GnuPG. (ueno)

** Fixed a couple of bugs in inviting users. (Steve Youngs)

** Fixed a redisplay bug when a user leaves a channel. (ueno)

** Reverted the default value of riece-alias-alternate-separator to
   "@". (ueno)


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