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Koha 2.2.6 released

Item posted by Joshua Ferraro <kados> on Tue 17 Oct 2006 12:44:48 PM UTC.

We worked hard, but, finally, it's here !!!

Koha 2.2.6 has been released & is available at :


Koha is the first Open-Source Integrated Library System.

Koha is a full-featured open-source ILS. Developed initially in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd and first deployed in January of 2000 for Horowhenua Library Trust, it is currently maintained by a team of software providers and library technology staff from around the globe.

Koha 2.2.6 is more than 250,000 lines of code (see : , contributed by about 50
different developers (46, +translators).

The 2.2.6 version of Koha is a mature product, with a lot of nice features.

More than 100 libraries are registered as users on, and we are sure that at least 300 libraries use the software. There are 2 projects derived from Koha.


  • The librarian interface is tested only with Mozilla/Firefox. Should work (partially) with IE. OPAC should work fine with any browser.
  • In this release, french, english &ukrainian are up to date. Other language po files are provided in the package. If you update/complete

one of them, please send it to paul @, it will be included in a 2.2.6b release !


- Class::Accessor (0.25)
- XML::SAX (0.14)
- MARC::File::XML (0.83),
- MARC::Charset (0.95),
- LWP::Simple
- XML::Simple
- GD::Barcode
- Data::Random
They will be checked during upgrade process.

  • during install, you may get some warnings during package dependency

checkings. Something like :
"Too late to run INIT block at /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.4/ line 37."
or "Subroutine PDF::API2::Resource::Font::Postscript::O_RDONLY redefined at /usr/share/perl/5.8/ line 65."

You can ignore them.


Critical/blocking :

  • mySQL5.0 : Koha is NOT compatible with mySQL 5.0 We plan to add 5.0

compatibility in Koha 3. If you want to give a try to 2.2.6 with mySQL5,
you can have a look at, but it's
untested & unofficial.

  • child card craziness, see for details

  • Update child looses guarantor and address., see for details

  • don't use spaces in currencies codes. Use USD, not US DOLLAR, for

example. spaces breaks acquisition module.

see for more information. Please report any problem in

Apple users : it seems there is an annoying bug in Firefox, that you can
have in librarian biblio search: only the first MARC field list is
available and the others can't be opened. The problem is described and
fixed at
Changes 2.2.5 => 2.2.6


DB structure : dewey field has been moved to a char(30)
DB content : many many new systempreferences
Koha opac stylesheets : none, but the opac css stylesheet has been
redesigned even if it contains no new classes.



* Acquisition has been deeply investigated & tested. should work
fine. (there was complex problems depending on prices rebates, VAT


* Major bugfixes in encoding handling for MARC21 : there was bugs
using the MARC21 indicators for character encoding. They should have been
fixed for now, and koha 2.2.6 handles MARC21 with unicode correctly.


* result page display was incorrect when searching a biblio before
adding a new one.
* no more saving of an empty field in the DB
* Fix for splitting up fixed fields containing | in them causing
* An item that is on loan can't be deleted anymore.


* minor bugfix : Adding 0 before days and months in order to make
date comparison work.


* fixed a but to be able to modify an Institution.


* adding page facility in book funds.


Almost nothing has changed in the DB & this version has been heavily
tested, so the stability should be good.
But you are warned that some/few bugs may occur.

Please READ the release notes. Everything is compatible with previous
versions, so, if you just install Koha, you should have the same
behaviour as previously, but you will miss many interesting features!


* added a (crontab) script :, that send a mail
to the librarian when a suggestion is pending.
- online help has been added
- the page doesn't show baskets closed for more
than 6 months anymore.
- when recieving an order, you now see the list of existing
parcels. The parcel code used to be the "Supplier invoice information". Now
when you go to the reciept page, you see all previous recieves, and can
create a new parcel, exactly as before. This does not require any change
in Koha internals, but we hope it's clearer than before.
- when recieving an order in a parcel, you now see all
orders still waiting for a receipt. Thus, you can enter isbn/title as
previously, or directly click on a title in the list.
We worked hard on those new acquisition screens, and hope that
you'll find it easier to use than before.


* if the library doesn't define a summary for an authority, a
standard/default one will be built automatically.
* if the librarian set * as subfield, all subfields will be shown,
without any separator, but respecting the order. Previously, you had to
define every subfield, causing problems in case of reordered subfields.


* added a (crontab) script :, that can be
used as replacement for the overduenotice script. This one has many more
parameters, including a filter on branches and an external letter (to
avoid the need to modify the script on each release)
* merged today & previous issues list during issuing. Added a button
to renew issues & return issues in 1 click


* highly improved MARC21 default framework
* new systempref "sortbynonfiling". If you catalogue with complete
MARC (including indicators), you can set this pref to Yes. It will remove
non filing chars and order "The King Henry IV" to letter "K". This
systempref is USELESS for UNIMARC (as UNIMARC doesn't manage non-filing
chars in an indicator, unlike MARC21)


* added a (crontab) script :, that deletes all
entries of an authority in a biblio.
- duplicating a field (+ on the tag) will show a number of
creation to do. Thus, you can quickly create 6 subjects lines (for example)
- duplicating a subfield is no longer done with a pipe (|),
but by clicking on the + facing the subfield
- the "hidden" property of the framework now has 19 possible
values. Look in the online help to see them. The immediate interesting value
is -1, which means the subfield is minimized on the MARC editor and you
must click on it to expand it. Rarely used fields/subfields are easier
to manage.
- a advancedMARCeditor systempref has been added. If set,
tag/subfield values are not shown, except when putting the mouse on the
tag/subfield. This systempref is only for "MARC addicts"!
* MARC21 : many plugins have been added (by LibLime). It seems you
now have as many plugins for fixed length fields in MARC21 as in UNIMARC!
Note that plugins help you filling a tag/subfield in the MARC editor.


* patron images management. A new systempreference has been added
(patronimages, in borrowers section). If set (to an image extension,
like jpg or gif), the image will be shown on patron detail or
circulation page. The images must be stored in
KOHADIR/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/patronimages/ . The image must be named
<borrowernumber>.<patronimagessystempref> (1.jpg for example, for
borrower #1)


Many preferences have been added to OPAC. Read them carefully, as
you will be able to modify highly the look and behaviour of your OPAC!
* new default stylesheet for css (purple on white). A new stylesheet
(contributed by has been added to show everybody the
changes in OPAC. If you want to stay with the old one (dark/light
green), just reach Koha >> Parameters >> Systempreferences >> OPAC >>
opacstylesheet > modify > /opac-tmpl/default/opac_old.css
* Amazon content : if the new AmazonContent systempref is set AND an
AmazonDevKey/AmazoneDevTag (available on is entered in
systempreferences AND XML::Simple package is installed, OPAC will show
amazon cover pages when available. Note that this feature may not be
legal everywhere. For example, it seems it may not be legal in France
(you must ask each editor for permission)
* new systempref : opaccredit. If something (including html) is
stored there, the footer of OPAC pages will contain what is there (instead
of the "Library powered by Koha..." that is on css default templates)
* new systempref : opacnav. In this preference, you can put any html
that will be added to your menu. For example, to add a button to reach
the koha website : <a class="menu" href=""
title="Koha world website">Koha</a>
* new systempref : opacbookbag : if set to 0, the basket/book bag
features will be hidden in OPAC (even for logged in users).
* authorities heading search : a new menu has been added so the user
can search in authorities (same behaviour as in intranet)
* new systempref : opaclanguagesdisplay. If set to "yes" (default
value), the list of available language is shown. Otherwise, there is no
list, koha will stay in default language only.
* new systempref : opacreadinghistory. If set to "yes" (default
value), the reading history will be available on OPAC (for logged in users).
If set to "no", the reading history never appears.
* Recent Acquisition : added a new page to filter recent
acquisitions on a given branch.
* if you use npl templates, you can have an alternate stylesheet (to
set it, go to librarian interface >> Parameters > Systempreferences >
OPAC > opacstylesheet > modify >
* when there is more than 1 item at a given location
(branch/callnumber/location), the list shows the number of items, not 1
line for each (same) value.


* Inventory : you can now scan in a text file, on an unconnected
laptop, with every book in your library. Then, just upload the file in
Koha. It will "mark as seen" all books. Once you've scanned everything
in your library, just query for all books not seen since the beginning
of the inventory, and you'll get "lost" books.


* MAJOR IMPROVEMENT : Adding item creation on the fly when receiving
serial : if you activate systempref > Catalogue > serialsadditems,
you'll have a form to create an item on the fly at the end of the serial
receipt form. The item contains the callnumber, the branch, the barcode
and the location (where applicable). Go to the catalogue after setting a
serial to "arrived", and you should see the item created. If you let
serialsadditems to OFF, behaviour is unchanged from previous releases.
* the last 5 arrived serials are shown when receiving serials.


=== ALL ==
* Unimarc datas in english are provided
* Unimarc datas in ukrainian are provided

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