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Replacing FTP queue with SFTP?

Item posted by Sylvain Beucler <Beuc> on Thu 02 Nov 2006 10:39:15 PM UTC.

We're considering providing SFTP access to the download repositories. It will be troublesome to keep both the old FTP queue system and SFTP at the same time though.

Would it be OK to disable the FTP queue and replace it with SFTP?
Please comment :)

SFTP guide (posted by Narcis Garcia, Fri 15 Oct 2010 08:16:04 AM UTC)

Here my compendium for configuration of SFTP in both clients and servers:

(special care of users and permissions)

It's a good idea (posted by Simone, Wed 15 Nov 2006 05:21:41 PM UTC)

It will bring more securty, so it's a good idea

Smart move from security perspective (posted by Jeremiah Foster, Fri 10 Nov 2006 11:33:53 AM UTC)

I think it would be wise to move to sftp. ftp is useful for many but I think the transition to sftp should be fairly painless since many people use graphical clients these days for ftp.

Great! (posted by ?智, Thu 09 Nov 2006 05:16:07 AM UTC)

I agree with you. It is a great idea! Let's do it!

Great! (posted by Gaspar de Elias, Tue 07 Nov 2006 12:53:29 AM UTC)

Good idea! Sftp is almost the same for the user, need just to upgrade their clients, nothing more

Can you give more inormation (posted by John Darrington, Sat 04 Nov 2006 12:27:37 AM UTC)

Do you mean that you'll be removing FTP access for upload AND download, or just for upload?

If you're intending to remove anonymous read-only access to the download areas, then I don't think that's a good idea.  Whilst it won't be a big problem for most developers, there are many non-technical users who might need to download tarballs, and they won't have the knowledge or patience to switch to SFTP.

It is a good idea. (posted by -Deleted Account-, Fri 03 Nov 2006 05:24:08 PM UTC)

I aggree with Juan, it is a nice and improvement the migration is not complex for the users. The will understand...

It's not a problem (posted by Peter Zotov, Fri 03 Nov 2006 09:49:09 AM UTC)

I think it's OK to discard old FTP

Great! (posted by Juan Pedro Bolivar Puente, Thu 02 Nov 2006 10:54:38 PM UTC)

I think that SFTP would be a nice improvement and migration is not complicated for the users, so there is no reason to keep old ftp access at the same time. At least, I would not mind moving to SFTP.




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