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Synchronizing your working copy with the restored repository

Item posted by Sylvain Beucler <Beuc> on Fri 16 Mar 2007 12:10:28 AM UTC.

You may be in the situation where you have changes in your CVS working copy that are not committed in the restored Savannah repository anymore. strk suggested the following procedure:

  1. Get a fresh cvs export from the repository (call it fresh-export)
  2. Turn your latest working copy into "export" form (remove everything should not be fetched by an export - see below)
  3.  diff -ur fresh-export/ latest-working-copy/ > changes.diff
  4.  Check the diff, if it contains more then it should, goto (2)
  5.  Get a fresh cvs checkout (call it fresh-checkout)
  6.  Apply the diff obtained in step (3) to fresh-checkout/ (with patch)
  7.  'cvs add' the new stuff (list the new files with "cvs -n update")
  8.  Build & test patched fresh-checkout/
  9.  Cross fingers
  10.  Commit
  11.  Checkout the whole project again, build&test

Note about step (2), or how to turn your latest working copy into "export" form:

$ cd latest-working-copy
# Remove CVS/ and compiled files:
$ find . -name "CVS"  | xargs rm -Rf # CVS *dirs*
$ find . -name '.#*' | xargs rm # backup copies
$ make clean distclean
$ find . -name 'Makefile' | xargs rm # if autoconf
$ find . -name '' | xargs rm # if automake
$ rm -Rf configure autom4te.cache aclocal.m4 # generated stuff

Note: if you perform a 'cvs update' in your working copy, CVS will "go back in time" and revert to the repository version, possibly losing your uncommited changes.


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