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Fortran and Matlab Bindings to CERTI

Item posted by Christian Stenzel <approx> on Sat 23 Feb 2008 01:02:15 AM UTC.

Dear CERTI community,

CERTI comes now with bindings to Matlab and Fortran. The MatlabHLA-Toolbox (MatlabHLA) and the library interfacing CERTI within Fortran90 (libF90HLA) are licensed under the GNU LGPL. The additional demo applications are licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL. Both projects are provided by the research group Computational Engineering and Automation of the University of Wismar (

The latest development status is available via CVS below the application folder. Bzip2-compressed tarballs can also be obtained from the contrib folder in the CERTI download area (

For further information see the project homepages listed at

Of course everyone is cordially invited to participate in the further development.

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