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Geiser 0.1.1 released

Item posted by Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz <jao> on Mon 24 Jan 2011 12:22:20 AM UTC.

New features:

  - "Manual autodoc" command; C-c C-d s.
  - Autodoc retrieval is now asynchronous, for better behaviour in remote connections.
  - Racket: ',enter "foo"' as a synonym of ',enter (file "foo")'.
  - New C-c C-a to switch to REPL and enter module (C-c C-Z was broken).
  - Documentation typos, and grammar and layout fixes.

Bug fixes:

  - Avoiding spurious buffers in case of communication errors.
  - REPL: fixed problem with input history navigation in Racket.
  - Autodoc no longer skips non-alphanumeric identifiers.
  - Autodoc messages no longer interfere with active minibuffer.
  - Fix for module name completion in Guile.
  - Quack compatibility: avoiding problems with #f &c.

Thanks to Greg Hendersott, Arek Korbik, Ali Asad Lotia and Mark Harig
for bug reports, documentation reviews and infinite patience trying
my fixes.

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